2018. September 16.

Hans Selye Memorial Day

To commemorate the work of Hans Selye, on the 111th anniversary of his birth our university organized a Memorial Day. This event, a series of talks, was co-sponsored by PRO SELYE UNIVERZITAS n.o. The participants and guest lecturers of the event were addressed by JSU rector György Juhász. Sándor Szabó, […]
2018. September 16.

Funding publications and conferences 2017

During the period from June 2016 to June 2017, from a subsidy we received from the Ministry of Human Capacities (Hungary), we financed the print or electronic publication of 16 materials and the layout design of 18 publications. This contributed to the development of the university because such books and […]
2018. September 16.

We are committed to spreading bilingualism

Selye University is a higher education institution where the primary language of instruction is a minority language (Hungarian) that has been established by the Slovak Republic. As such, the institution carries out its activities in accordance with Slovak law. This means the use of the official Slovak language, forms, contracts, […]
2018. September 16.

Funding events, conferences with international significance

We also provided for the organization of several professional and cultural events, academic competitions, field trips that were important to the university because they furthered its professional and social recognition, the stability of its accreditation and its development. We have also managed to accommodate forums significant even on an international […]
2018. September 16.

We helped out: Permanent Hans Selye memorial exhibition

In 2017, as a sponsoring partner, PRO SELYE UNIVERZITAS n.o. participated in the opening of a permanent exhibition commemorating and popularizing the work of Hans Selye. The nonprofit participated in this activity together with the Hungarian Embassy in Slovakia and J. Selye Univerzity. PRO SELYE UNIVERZITAS n.o. paid the three […]
2018. September 16.

We expanded the JSU Library’s collection

In 2016, PRO SELYE UNIVERZITAS n.o. helped to expand the collection of the J. Selye University Library. The nonprofit received 204 boxes of books from Hungary’s Education Authority as a donation, which it then donated to J. Selye University. The JSU Library’s collection has thus further expanded by nearly 10,000 […]



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