To commemorate the work of Hans Selye, on the 111th anniversary of his birth our university organized a Memorial Day. This event, a series of talks, was co-sponsored by PRO SELYE UNIVERZITAS n.o. The participants and guest lecturers of the event were addressed by JSU rector György Juhász. Sándor Szabó, professor of medicine at the University of California, Irvine, PhD student of Hans Selye, held a highly successful talk on the world renown chemist, endocrinologist and internal medicine research specialist’s work and the theory of stress that he published and which gave him worldwide recognition. László Kiss, associate professor of the history of medicine, an investigator of Selye gave recent data and insight into the family history of Hans Selye and his years in Komárom. The participants of the event included J. Selye University students and students from secondary schools in Komárno. The participants of the Selye Memorial Day also had the opportunity to check out the Selye exhibition that is open and permanently situated in our conference center since January 2017 (the establishment of the exhibition was also supported by our organization).