We helped out: Permanent Hans Selye memorial exhibition

In 2017, as a sponsoring partner, PRO SELYE UNIVERZITAS n.o. participated in the opening of a permanent exhibition commemorating and popularizing the work of Hans Selye. The nonprofit participated in this activity together with the Hungarian Embassy in Slovakia and J. Selye Univerzity. PRO SELYE UNIVERZITAS n.o. paid the three speakers’ fees. One of the speakers was Dr. Sándor Szabó, one of Hans Selye’s PhD students of Hungarian decent, now a professor of medicine, who lives and works as a researcher in America. The second speaker was Dr. László Kiss, a historian of medicine whose talk based on his most recent research elaborated on the Slovakian ties of Hans Selye. The third speaker was Dr. Daniela Ježová, professor of medicine, whose talk aimed to continue research on Hans Selye’s heritage. In her talk, she focused on the current state and the future of stress research.