We are committed to spreading bilingualism

Selye University is a higher education institution where the primary language of instruction is a minority language (Hungarian) that has been established by the Slovak Republic. As such, the institution carries out its activities in accordance with Slovak law. This means the use of the official Slovak language, forms, contracts, by-laws etc. The university itself just as PRO SELYE UNIVERZITAS n.o. is committed to using bilingual (Slovak-Hungarian) materials. So far, there had not been sufficient material or human resources available to apply bilingualism in the internal documents and written records of the university. This obstacle has been recently put eliminated. Thanks to a subsidy from the Ministry of Human Capacities (Hungary), bilingualism has been almost fully implemented at the university. An unprecedented step forward. It was possible to carry out this process with the cooperation of PRO SELYE UNIVERZITAS n.o. This is a historic moment for the university in this area. These funds have also enabled us to prepare a transaction and enhancement of the Open Conference System, which is of strategic importance to the university because of its substantial contribution to education and research.